21 Bachelor students start conceptual design study of the PTO enclosure

Today again, 21 Bachelor students from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Institute of Engineering, kicked off the PTO enclosure conceptual design study project.

We are very excited that this group of 21 talented young professionals and soon-to-be Mechanical Engineers started working on this assignment to help mature the development of our innovative TidalKite Power Plant.

SeaQurrent is a supporter of building strong relations with knowledge institutes. The mutual benefit and added value received helps both SeaQurrent and the knowledge institutes to excel. In 2015 we started collaborating intensively with the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Over the past years several bachelor and master students have graduated on a range of topics. The impact of their contribution, simply by what they can add to an innovative developing company, makes it very tangible, relevant and fun. The universities also appreciate the innovativeness and relevance of our assignments; it helps to disseminate and apply their knowledge and making the curriculum more attractive. At the same time SeaQurrent reaps the benefit of highly motivated, well-trained and skilled young professionals.

Who knows one day we might welcome a few of them as our new colleagues that will help realize our plan to build a fully sustainable, reliable and affordable energy mix.

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