SeaQurrent implements a bionics inspired control mechanism

SeaQurrent optimised its TidalKite technology through a bionics inspired solution

SeaQurrent collaborated with Technologie Centrum Noord Nederland and the University of Groningen on the development, implementation and testing of a bionics inspired control mechanisms to optimise the stability and control of its TidalKite Power Plant.

Since the TidalKite operates in a fluid, animals that fly or swim were of special interest. In particular the focus was on fish, an immensely varied group of species with a broad spectrum of maneuvering and braking styles. Following the biological examples of fish fins, a few principle concepts have been formulated leading to a series of 3D models that have been tested in a flowtank. Based on these results a prototype was built and implemented in the 1:10 scale model. Tests with the prototype in the Wadden zee proved that the bionics inspired solution works as intended.

This development was made possible by Technologie Centrum Noord Nederland and the University of Groningen, together with several other partners, who developed the ‘Bionica in het MKB’ programme.

The aim of the ‘Bionica in het MKB’ programme is to make bionics accessible to SMEs in the EUREGIO and the EDR. Bionics is the application of knowledge from biology in technology to improve products and processes or to come up with completely new inventions. This gives SMEs access to breakthrough innovations.

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