We are looking for inspired talent to help achieve our ambitions

SeaQurrent expands its team to realise the next development phase and to develop and help improve the TidalKite technology and develop projects that will generate clean electricity from the World’s seas and oceans, for hundreds of millions of households.

Last December, SeaQurrent successfully finished testing a 1:10 scale model in the Waddenzee. This signaled the start of the next technology development phase. This development implies that a full scale demonstration unit will be developed, built, installed and tested in the Borndiep near Ameland, during 2020 and 2021. This project is made possible in part by the Waddenfonds, which financially supports the project with 2.3 million euros. The total investment amounts to 3.8 million euros. Preparations are in full swing for this, but extra hands and skills are needed. This is why SeaQurrent is looking for an experienced Operations Manager and Mechanical Engineer. Interested candidates are invited to respond before March 1st 2020.

The vacancy respons period is expired.

You can always send us an open application if you like to join us and start working at SeaQurrent. Please see join us for more details.

– Manager Operations – Full-time – Friesland – Groningen

Download job profile – SeaQurrent – Manager Operations

– Mechanical Engineer – Full-time – Friesland – Groningen

Download job profile – SeaQurrent – Mechanical Engineer

About SeaQurrent 

SeaQurrent wants to complement the energy transition with daily present, reliable sea-energy. In December 2013, we started the development of an ‘underwater kite’, the TidalKite Power Plant. In short it works as follows, the kite ‘flies’ perpendicular through the current generating an enormous lifting force, which is transferred to a power-take-off system that converts it into electricity. One of the things that sets our technology apart is the deployment potential. The TidalKite is applicable in waters with low velocity currents, and in shallow as well in deep waters. These types of waters are the most common Worldwide. So, we can really make an impact.

We’re only at the beginning of our mission and we know that without a motivated, qualified and determined team we can never achieve this ambition. It’s the people who make a difference. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey and offer you a challenging workplace and an opportunity to help build a more sustainable future.

(video in Dutch, translation available through Youtube)

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