SeaQurrent joined the Wadden Islands trade mission, the first fossil free trade mission ever

SeaQurrent, together with 14 other sustainability startups, traveled to the Wadden Islands to connect business opportunities during the first fossil free trade mission in history.

Maarten Berkhout, SeaQurrent’s co-founder and project director joined the the Wadden Islands trade mission: “the organisation was great, the program they composed and network that they brought together, led to very meaningful in-depth discussions and concrete business opportunities, to start developing TidalKite Power Plants in this unique UNESCO World Heritage area. A fragile area that is more susceptible to the consequences of climate change than other regions. Therefore, its inhabitants and local policy makers, who are also used to live of and in harmony with the sea that surrounds them, are very enthusiastic to harvest the energy potential of its tidal streams and turn it into a predictable source of sustainable energy, to become fully energy independent”.

From the organiser, Lab Vlieland: “The Wadden Islands provide great opportunities with respect to sustainability and innovation for entrepreneurs with ambition. Together with the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality the trade mission brought fifteen innovative entrepreneurs to the Dutch Wadden Islands for the first fossil free trade mission in history.

During the Trilateral Waddensea Conference the startups presented a manifest to Ministers from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany with their ideas for making the Islands ambitions come true: to sustain the Wadden Islands and develop them to a true innovative region”.

Startup Manifesto

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