SeaQurrent | selected to present at the Springtij Forum 2017

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SeaQurrent is selected by Accenture to pitch our company and present a challenge during the Springtij Forum on the 22nd September. The Springtij Forum is the biggest sustainability conference of the Netherlands. The Challenge is supported by the Ministry of Economic affairs, which is looking for initiatives that support the Natural Capital Coalition and One Planet Thinking programs.

The challenge we put forth: How can we accelerate the implementation of tidal energy to improve the sustainable energy mix?

The transition of the fossil energy mix into a sustainable energy mix is one of the main challenges of mankind for the 21st century. The signs of impact of global warming, driven by the use of fossil fuels causing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, are increasingly visible. We feel that, reducing the carbon footprint of electricity generation – while minimising impact on human activity and wildlife – is urgent and vital.

Renewable electricity is spearheading this energy transition, led by wind and Solar Photovoltaic (PV). The integration of these new sources has gone relatively flawless up till recently. But more predictable and reliable renewable sources are needed to make our power supply future proof; sustainable, affordable and reliable. This is not a matter of picking winners. To create this sustainable energy mix, it is simply necessary to utilize as many different sustainable energy sources and technologies as wisely possible.

Tidal energy and our TidalKite Power Plant technology in particular, is uniquely positioned in that it meets all mentioned requirements.

  • Sustainability; fully renewable electricity, no GHG impact nor impact on human activity as noise, vision, air quality, minimal impact on marine life.
  • Reliability; A 100% Predictable production profile. No seasonality.
  • Affordability; proven components, high tech, yet robust and a simple design with a low kg/kW-installed ratio.

We look forward to share our challenge with the visitors of the Springtij Forum and we look forward to discuss how they can help to realize our vision, to accelerate the energy transition and contribute to a truly sustainable energy mix.

credits: Images by Springtij Forum
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