SeaQurrent receives support from VIA 2017

The ‘Accelerator Innovative Ambitions’ (VIA 2017) stimulates innovation and economic development in small and medium-sized enterprises in northern Netherlands. Entrepreneurs with an innovative idea for a new product or a new service can receive a subsidy for development costs.

SeaQurrent received support for the completion of the next Technology Readiness Level (TRL5). The purpose of this phase is to demonstrate and validate the working principles of the TidalKite in a representative environment, at sea. Validating the Multi-Wing operating principle in a representative environment confirms the feasibility of the final product and opens the way for the development of a larger 1:1 pre-production prototype that can then be demonstrated in an operational environment.

The VIA 2018 is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRO) and the provinces of Drenthe, Fryslân and Groningen.



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